UAE Sailing & Rowing Federation

Policies and Regulations, Establish 2001

This policy document should be read together with the appropriate Notice of Series for the UAE National Championship.

  1. UAE SARF Board of Directors
    1. The Board is responsible for the sports of Sailing and Rowing in the UAE.
    2. The Board is the sole organizing and regulating authority for all matters relating to UAE SARF.
  2. UAE SARF General Secretary
    1. The General Secretary Is responsible for executing the decisions of the Board.
    2. The General Secretary may be contacted through the UAE SARF office.
  3. Member clubs
    1. All clubs or companies that host sailing and rowing activities in the UAE shall apply for membership of the Federation.
    2. Once UAE SARF has established a membership system, member clubs shall register all sailing members with UAE SARF.
    3. Each member club shall appoint a single representative to the Federation This person shall be responsible for all communications between the Federation, the club and their members. This person shall attend the UAE SARF Technical committee meetings. If they cannot attend, an alternate should attend.
    4. UAE SARF board of directors has approved the transferring policy and conditions (Board meeting No. 32 dated 21/5/2014- Clause No.9) whereby National sailors wishing to move between government clubs should obtain approval from both clubs. Any scores for the national championships and international events will be deleted for that year.
  4. Sailing Technical Committee
    1. The decisions must viewed and known by UAE SARF Board of directors to get the final approval.
    2. The UAE SARF Technical Committee shall coordinate all sailing activities in the UAE.
    3. It shall produce the UAE sailing calendar by May of each year.
    4. It shall outline a technical and development strategy and submit their commendations to the Board of Directors.
    5. The Coaches committee will nominate sailors to the National Squad for each event, for approval by the General Secretary. The selection process is detailed in 'UAE National Squad Selection Process' herein.
  5. UAE SARF Technical Manager
    1. Supervising and train the first team and must be present with the UAE team in all national and international event.
    2. Determine the suitable and appropriate regatta or championships and circulate to the clubs.
    3. UAE Sailing team selection according the UAE rules and regulations and Process Selection.
    4. Setting up the national team's scheme.
    5. Qualifying instructors and emirates jury's.
    6. Clinics, workshops and technical courses (see Clause 7E of Grade A event requirements below).
    7. Coordinating with international associations and federations.
    8. Register the sailors with SARF database.
    9. Issuing the sailors cards memberships.
    10. Annually reporting.
    11. Making a strategy plan.
    12. Following up the rules and regulation for UAE championships and its update.
    13. Supervising the technical matters for SARF.
    14. Any oversea corresponding must be approved by chairman of the technical committee
  6. Eligibility to represent the UAE in international Regattas and to use the UAE sail number
    1. Only UAE citizens (passport holders) can represent the UAE in World Sailing, ILCA, IODA, and all class sailing associations organized events, world or continental championships for World Sailing recognized classes.
    2. UAE expatriate sailors can use a UAE sail number when competing in overseas regattas provided the entry form clearly states the nationality of the sailor and it is made clear to the organizers that the sailor is NOT representing the country.
  7. UAE SARF Contacts
Mohamed Alobeidli - General Secretary
Salah - Secretary General Office
Email: /
Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Zouhair Lebbat - Sailing Technical Manager

Policies and Regulations, Establish 2001

  1. Notice of Series
    1. The details and requirements of the UAE National Championship will be described in the Notice of Series.
    2. The Notice of Series shall be approved by the Technical Committee and issued before the end of the precedingcalendar year
  2. Dates and Venues
    1. The dates and venues will be proposed by the UAE SARF Technical Committee. The calendar for the next season shall be submitted to the UAE SARF Board of Directors by November of the preceding year.
    2. The UAE National Championship will be held over a series of selected regattas hosted between January and December.
    3. Each round of the UAE National Sailing Championship shall be organized by the host Club in conjunction with the UAE Sailing & Rowing Federation.
    4. The Organizing Authority for the UAE National Championship will be the UAE Sailing & Rowing Federation.
  3. Rules
    1. The UAE National Championship shall be sailed under: • The current World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) • The current Policy and Regulations of the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation • The Notice of Series (NOS) • The Sailing Instructions for each regatta • The current Class Rules of all eligible boats • Any subsequent changes or amendments made by the host club Race Committee or Jury as approved by the UAE Sailing &Rowing Federation
    2. Any regatta of the UAE National Championship shall be a “Grade A” event in accordance with the requirements of these Policy and Regulations.
    3. The official language of the championship will be English.
  4. Eligibility
    1. As specified in the NOS.
    2. The UAE National Championships will be included in the selection of any UAE National team as described in 'UAE National Squad Selection Process' herein.
  5. Competing Classes
    1. Classes for the UAE National Championship will be specified in the NOS.
      Single Person Dinghy
      - Overall class Age 15 or under on 31st Dec of the year the season ends
      - Junior sub-fleet Age 11 or under on 31st Dec of the year the season ends
      - Female Team race
      - ILCA 4 Age 18 or under on 31stDec of the year the season ends
      - ILCA 6 Boys & Girls Open
      - ILCA 7 Open & Master
    2. Class is maybe added at the discretion of the UAE SARF according to new developments in the UAE sailing program.
      • Windsurfing IQ foil and RSX or RS one or other classes
      • 49er and 29er classes
      • Kitesurfing & Wing Foil
  6. Sailor Code of Conduct and Coach Responsibilities
    1. Every sailor at a junior or cadet event will have a designated coach; any sailor entering the event without a designated coach will have one appointed to them.
    2. The designated coach will be nominated at each event and should ideally be qualified to the appropriate standard and have a good knowledge of the junior and cadet classes. At the very minimum they should be familiar with the requirements of the UAE SARF Coach's Manual that is available in hard cover from the UAE SARF Secretary General's office.
    3. The designated coach will be responsible for maintaining the good behavior and sportsmanship of their sailors and that they are wearing their safety equipment and have a good knowledge of the course and rules.
    4. The designated coach will assist in preparing their sailors for any protest if necessary and with the agreement of the protest committee, may accompany their sailor in the protest room as a witness. They will also be responsible for the good behavior of their sailors ashore and during any Protest.
    5. Designated coaches who in the sole opinion of the SARF do not act responsible may be subject to further action by the SARF.
  7. Scoring
    1. The Scoring shall be in accordance with the low-point scoring system as defined in Appendix A of the RRS.
    2. The score for a boat shall be the total of the final results for each Regatta in the UAE Championship.
    3. In case the UAE Team participate in event outside country in same time with the UAE Championship the UAE Team get the same scored in the last round for UAE Championship.
    4. In case one sailor does not complete the UAE National championship because of the National Service, he will get the same scored in the last round for UAE Championship.
  8. UAE National Squad Selection Process

    The requirements for each regatta change on a regular basis so the National Coach will review the National Squad required for each event and submit a selection list to the General Secretary for approval.

    1. Ranking Procedure

      The ranking will be calculated from for each UAE sailor in all classes in any official representative regatta or championship. UAE National championship regattas for that year will be consider as qualifiers for subsequent events.

      Any absence or illness will be scored as the number of participants plus 1 point.

    2. Optimist Selection
      • The top 3 in overall ranking (boys and girls)
      • The highest place ranking in the Optimist Junior
      • The highest place ranking in the Optimist Girls
      • If the 1st girl or junior is in the top 3 overall ranking the available place will go to the second highest ranking for the girl or junior
  9. Prizes
    1. Trophies will be awarded as follows;
      • Optimist Junior 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • Optimist Overall 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • Optimist - Female 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • Optimist Team Race 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • ILCA 4 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • ILCA 6 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • ILCA 7 1st / 2nd / 3rd
      • ILCA 7 Master 1st / 2nd / 3rd
    2. The following titles will be awarded to the winners of the championships:
      • UAE National Champion - Optimist Junior
      • UAE National Champion - Optimist Overall
      • UAE National Champion - Optimist Girls
      • UAE National Champion - Optimist Team Race
      • UAE National Champion - ILCA 4
      • UAE National Champion - ILCA 6
      • UAE National Champion - ILCA 7
      • UAE National Champion - ILCA 7 Master
  10. Transferring Policy
    1. sailors transferring associate to the Government clubs.
    2. UAE SARF board of directors has been approved the transferring policy and conditions - Board meeting No. 32 dated 21/5/2014- Clause No.9 as following:
      1. The approval must be taken from both clubs
      2. Sailors suspending for a season, in case if one of the club does not agree
      3. Sailor can transfer to another club after being suspending for one year and to keep in consideration to him or her - his /her last participation
    3. Dropping the scoring for the contrary sailors to the mentioned above points (A - B) in the UAE Championships heats and international too.
    4. Any violation to the rule 69, the issue must raise to the SARF board for the decision
    5. The transferring policy is excluding the private clubs
    6. Sailors can train at different clubs but should represent one club in the competition.
    7. Sailor should complete one full season at the first club before requesting a move.
    8. Clubs should consider contracts with sailors to put these procedures on a sound legal basis to avoid future complications. (Sailor can transfer to another club after completing one season from the last even which he or she been participated).

Regulations for hosting sailing events in the UAE

  1. Introduction

    The UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation will assist any Organizer desiring to hold a regatta in the UAE, This assistance is mandatory for all sailing regattas held in the UAE with the exception of regattas heldby UAE clubs for only their members and guests.

    In addition, the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation hold a number of UAE National Regattas in a season. These are prestigious regattas and form part of a series that determines the teams that will represent the UAE in International competitions. By this means the UAE Sailing and Rowing Federations wants to promote the sport of sailing throughout the UAE community, provide fair competition to all competitors and be of the highest standard. Safety is paramount in every regatta and it is the right, without prejudice, of the UAE Sailing and Rowing to cancel or stop any regatta if safety procedures are considered to becompromised.

  2. Registration of events
    1. Any club intending to host a sailing regatta in the UAE that is open to non-members of the host club shall be approved by the UAE SARF.
    2. A host club shall inform the UAE SARF of their intention to host an event and the proposed date Sassoon as possible.
    3. A host club shall complete registration of a sailing regatta by submitting the Notice of Race to the UAESARF at least 31 days before the event.
  3. Dates
    1. Dates for regattas must be approved by UAE SARF.
    2. Once a date has been approved by UAE SARF it shall be included on the UAE SARF calendar.
    3. In case of conflicting dates between events, it is at the absolute discretion of the UAE SARF to decide which event shall be rescheduled.
  4. Event Grades
    1. Regattas in the UAE shall be graded as per the requirements of UAE SARF.
    2. The Notice of Race shall mention the Grade as approved by UAE SARF.
    3. Graded events shall meet the minimum requirements as prescribed by these UAE SARF regulations.
    4. any club meets the requirements of Grade (A) can be part of the UAE Championship program.

    5. UAE SARF - Grade 'A' Event Requirements

      1. Any Club meet the requirements and conditions for Grade A will be allowed to be part of UAE championship
      2. All Grades A events shall comply with UAE SARF policies and regulations
      3. All Grades A events shall include only classes approved by UAE SARF
      4. The following events shall be Grade A
        • World Sailing organized events
        • World, Continental or Regional Championships for World Sailing Recognized Classes
        • International events
        • UAE National Championship events
      5. The Notice of Race shall be circulated before the event.
      6. The Sailing Instructions shall be submitted to UAE SARF at least 1 day before the event.
      7. Grade A events shall meet the following minimum requirements:
        1. The Host Club shall appoint the following staff:
          • Race Director
          • Minimum 1 World Sailing International Race Officer (IRO) and 3 Nationally qualified Officials
          • International Jury team of minimum 5 members, a majority of which shall be Asian judges. A minimum of 2 judges shall be from the host country and can speak the Arabic language. (Reason: To encourage the development of local and Asian race officials in the region)
          • (Recommended) Official Measurer
          • (Recommended) Mark Rounding Officials
          • Results Officer
          • Race Secretary
          • Minimum 1 proficient Mark Layer per racecourse
          • Minimum 1 Safety Officer per racecourse
          • (Recommended) Press Coordinator
          • (Recommended)Logistic staff
          • (Recommended)Catering staff
        2. The Host Club and their appointed Safety Officers shall follow these safety prescriptions:
          • There shall be a written Emergency Action Plan. All race management staff shall be instructed on the EAP before the start of the event.
          • There shall be written consent from the Coastguard to host the event on the intended dates at the proposed sailing areas.
          • There shall be a dedicated Ambulance at the shore venue. Competitors and safety must be informed of the Ambulance location.
          • There shall be a minimum of 2 dedicated safety boats per race course. Each boat shall be crew by 2competent safety boat drivers.
          • There shall be good means of communication between all boat sand the shore staff.
          • There shall be a proper system for competitors to sign-in and out
          • There shall be shore staff to oversee the launching procedure
        3. The Host Club shall provide the following facilities: •Sanitary facilities (WC and Showers for Male and Female)
          • Parking (incl. area for trailers)
          • Technical Area (incl. fresh water washing area)
          • Launching Area (slip way or beach area, Haul-out crane if required)
          • Berthing (for Race Management and Coach boats)
          • Briefing Area (recommended sound system)
          • Race Office (incl. Computer, Internet, Telephone, Printer, Copy machine)
          • Jury Room
          • (Recommended)Measurement Area
          • Official Notice Board •Official flag Mast staff with a minimum of 5 halyards or pole holders
        4. The Host Club shall provide the following equipment:
          • Race Committee Boat with suitable flag system, anchor and chain
          • Sufficient Jury/Umpire/Mark Rounding boats
          • Mark laying boat (minimum1per racecourse)
          • (Recommended)Measurement boat
          • Sufficient Safety Boats
          • Adequate buoyancy aids for staff and people going afloat
          • Signal Flags and Sound Signals as required by the Sailing Instructions
          • Marks, line and anchors as required by the Sailing Instructions
          • Adequate office supplies
        5. Additional
          • Any trophies and prize money awarded shall be announced in the Notice of Race.
          • The UAE SARF logo shall be included on all documents and media publications. A UAE SARF flag shall be flown at the event venue.
          • Any sponsorship shall be in accordance with UAE law and ethics. The UAE SARF has the right to prohibit any sponsorship at the venue that it deems not in accordance with these prescriptions.
          • Host club to give small per diem, as stipulated by UAE SARF, to each International Race Official (World Sailing accredited official -higher rate and non-World Sailing accredited /national level officials - lesser rate)
          • UAE SARF to support the organizing of a race management or judging clinic/seminar to be conducted by the appointed Principal Race Officer or International Jury Chairperson for the purposes of developing and qualifying National Race Officials, whilst increasing the knowledge of race officials or coaches in the region

      UAE SARF - Grade 'B' Event Requirements

      1. All Grade B events shall comply with UAE SARF policies and regulations
      2. UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation has no responsibilities for any violation, risk or damage that make accrue from the organizer or in the race.
      3. The organizer (hosting club) must be responsible for all safety and risks in the race
      4. The organizer has no right to invite any clubs or federation from outside the UAE
      5. Grade B events shall be interclub race
      6. Grade B is not part of UAE Camperships
      7. There is no prize money for Grade B
  5. UAE Technical Committee
    1. UAE Kite surfing committee - H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Bin Mohamed Al Nahyan - Chairman of Kitesurfing Committee.
    2. Sailing Technical committee - Mr. Khalid Alowais - Chairman of Sailing Technical Committee.
    3. Rowing Technical committee - Capt. Saif AlMheiri - Chairman of Rowing Technical committee.

    General Authority of Youth and Sport Welfare Circular no (17) for the Year 201

    Organizing and hosting championship and invite the officials and nationals from outside the country The GAYSW Emphasis to get the information the before hosting or organizing or invite teams or officials any event to get the approval first.

UAE SARF Delegation

Reference to the UAE SARF board meeting 3rd of July 2018, UAESARF Board has confirmed the following:

  1. Head of the team/ delegation Must be the chairman of sailing committee and from SARF board member.
  2. Must be only one Administrative with the team.And he/she will be chosen /determined from the club who has the majority of participant sailors.
  3. One female supervisor must be attends with the team if there is any female member(s) with the team.
  4. UAE National sailing coach and their assistance will be with team.
  5. The sailor's selection and participation legibility will be according to the results of the UAE championship.
  6. Each sailor must have an ID Card in any abroad participating.

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