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To make the sport of sailing and rowing purposeful and distinguished among other sports, to achieve the desired achievements locally and internationally

Federation Message

We work with high efficiency, quality, excellence and sincerity to invest the available human and material resources effectively, to build a solid foundation for the federation and form a strong group and teams of practitioners and lovers of modern sailing and rowing and attract sports talents to achieve continuous growth and development and outperform competitors.

About us

The UAE Sailing and Rowing Federation (SARF) was founded in 2009 by the General Authority of Youth and Sport, to set the rules and regulations for the practice of the Sailing & rowing sport. SARF operates under the umbrella of the General Sports Authority and a member of the UAE National Olympic Committee (UAE NOC) and the only UAE organization affiliated with The World Sailing (International Sailing Federation) and The World Rowing Federation.



and supporting the establishment of a national community of professional clubs in sailing and rowing


and participating in organization and arbitration of local, regional and international competitions and tournaments


and developing sports talents, and supporting professional Talented athletes, and raising their competency to the highest levels


and encouraging the practice of sailing and rowing, and promote them it in all their forms throughout the country and at all levels


and forming a national team for modern sailing and rowing, and representing the UAE in all international tournaments


Our Executive Board

H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan


He had a deep passion for water sports, nature, agriculture, and the environment from an early age. He founded the first national team for water board sports and led them in numerous overseas tournaments. His efforts contributed to the popularization of the sport, including kite surfing in the Emirates. Through sailing and other water sports, he promoted awareness of the importance of preserving the marine environment. Additionally, he published an educational magazine focused on land and sea, providing the community with a unique experience. Recognizing his accomplishments, he was appointed President of the Federation for the 2020-2024 Olympic Cycle by the General Authority for Sport, aiming to elevate UAE water Sports to new heights

Captain Muhamed Juma Al Shamsi
Ms Nawal Al Hosany
Mr Mohamed Alobeidli
Mr Mohamed Abdulla Hareb
Mohamed Obaid Aaleeli
Mr Khalid Alowais
Mr Salim Ghanim Alshamsi
Captain Saif A Mehiri

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We are developing and refining multiple sports to participate in tournaments

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